03 May 2022

The Blue Dot

The stage lit up as we ended our panel discussion at the 2019 Development Dialogue hosted by Deshpande Foundation at Hubballi. We were facing bright lights and hence I could not...

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29 Apr 2021

Umbrellas. Pronouns.

03 Jun 2021

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12 Aug 2021

Scale Change

10 Jun 2021

Dust In The Wind

20 May 2021

When it Rains

10 Jun 2021

Principles Of Orchestration

06 May 2021

Micro. Mega.

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Sanjay Purohit

Day that I turned 50, I decided to graduate from corporate life and embark on a 25 year adventure. Now I curate Societal Thinking, which is emerging as a pathway to address societal challenges at scale. I help social leaders design Societal Platforms in areas such as education, livelihoods, healthcare, and urbanisation. I cherish each moment I spend with young entrepreneurs at The Nudge CSI, Edumentum and Unleash.

Some roles have morphed over the years. Some roles have remained the same. My professional chronology is on LinkedIn. I have always been a curator. I enjoy connecting the dots. I am a dad. I look forward to learning with my son every day. I am a partner. I discover the nuances of world with my better half. I am a student. I love to read. Now I am learning to be a writer. That brings you and I together. Welcome to the 9thChord.