Notes, set in an octave, make music.
9th is the 2nd note of next octave.

A new level to create, to improvise.
Signals change. Creates dissonance.
With others it forms the 9th Chord.

9th Chord is an open invitation.
To reimagine, share, co-create.

My origin is in Jodhpur, a charming city in India that tends to grow on you. It never could because I was brought up in Kolkata. After 18 years of sweetmeat, music, literature, arguments, humidity and Tollywood, Kolkata grew on me. As years rolled on, I found myself settling in Srinagar, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru and Palo Alto. Now I am firmly planted in Bengaluru. The roots have gone deep and branches are spreading wide.

I spent the first 25 years of my life trying to make sense of the environment around me. The school days at Bal Nilaya and St. Lawrence High School at Kolkata were fun. I learned mechanical engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. I did plan to study further for a masters or an MBA, but decided against it and accepted a job. Three wonders that shaped these years: Kahlil Gibran. Pink Floyd. Mother Teresa.

Next 25 years saw me muddle through a corporate career. I fixed tractors on shop floors of Escorts and assembled telephone exchanges at Tata Telecom. After a pivotal moment in Lucknow, I joined Tata Sons to develop the Tata Business Excellence Model.

In 2000, a chance meeting brought me to Infosys, whose values retained me for 16 years. Learning about three ideas made this worth the run: Design. Align. Excellence.

Day that I turned 50, I decided to graduate from corporate life and embark on a 25 year adventure. Now I curate Societal Thinking, which is emerging as a pathway to address societal challenges at scale. I help social leaders design Societal Platforms in areas such as education, livelihoods, healthcare, and urbanisation. I cherish each moment I spend with young entrepreneurs at The Nudge CSI, Edumentum, Unleash and Fundamentum.

Some roles have morphed over the years. Some roles have remained the same. My professional chronology is on LinkedIn. I have always been a curator. I enjoy connecting the dots. I am a dad. I look forward to learning with my son every day. I am a partner. I discover the nuances of world with my better half. I am a student. I love to read. Now I am learning to be a writer.

That brings you and I together. Welcome to the 9thChord.

I strive to write a 100 notes every year.
Here I attempt to connect the dots.

I strive to read a 100 books every year.
Here I curate what I have learned.

I strive to meet a 100 leaders every year.
Here I summarise what stays with me.

I strive to reflect on a 100 songs every year.
Here I share my personal reflections.