02 Oct 2021

El Paso

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This ballad was born before me, in 1959. I love the flow of the story. It is a song that feels like a movie. During lunch-breaks at school, I would make up and tell stories to a dozen curious friends. El Paso and that genre of western ballads provided the fodder. Now, after decades, this song reminds me that I may have lost the knack for story telling. If I want to trigger new thinking, I may have to rediscover my ability to engage change makers with stories that they can see.

Here are the lines that spark my imagination:

I Saddled Up
And Away I Did Go
Riding Alone In The Dark
Maybe Tomorrow
A Bullet Will Find Me
Tonight Nothing’s Worse
Than This Pain In My Heart
And At Last Here I Am
On The Hill Overlooking El Paso
I Can See Rosa’s Cantina Below

They make me think about the power of visualisation.

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